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Valid from: 2016-10-01 — 2017-01-31
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It’s time to get rewarded for doing what you do best: traveling. Now you can make the points you’ve earned go farther and enjoy Award Nights for 25% fewer points. Whether you’re hoping to revisit your favorite VOILÀ network hotel or looking forward to the holiday of your dreams, we’ll get you there in less time.
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Terms & Conditions

1. Registration for this promotion via the VOILÀ mobile app or is required to participate in this promotion. 2. Promotion valid between 2016-10-01 — 2017-01-31. 3.Award Nights must be booked via before 2017-01-31 at 23:59 GMT to receive the 25% discount on points required for Award Night redemptions. 4.The discount on points required will be applied automatically upon booking the Award Night and may not apply to all “VOILÀ Direct” hotels.